Go Love Indy

It all started in 2010 on the heels of a community-wide effort to build a playground on the westide of Indy called Adventure Fun Park. Partnerships were formed through the project and a vision for God's people working together in our community began to take shape. The Go Love Indy initiative initially spearheaded by a group of leaders and an army of volunteers from Chapel Rock Christian Church, who further partnered with other organizations and individuals on the westside community to serve and love in tangible ways not in the name of any one Church, but in the name of Christ.


Go Love Indy is about God's people showing love in the places they live. It's a movement that isn't about any one individual, church, or organization, but about the collective witness of the Church in its rich variety.

Go Love Indy has taken many shapes from the planning stages to becoming a reality. The kickoff to the service side of the movement happened on April 30th, 2011, when about 700 people from the westside of Indianapolis partnered together and worked on over 20 different projects that engaged in areas of deep need in our community. The dream for the initiative was always that it would be so much more than a one time a event, but a way of life. Since April of 2011, several of the inital projects have continued to be ongoing efforts in which people have developed deep partnerships and a love for serving here in our community. 


Our concentration is currently within the Wayne Township community of the westside of Indianapolis. You can participate by becoming one of our partner congregations. That partnership includes raising up leaders, identifying projects, and recruiting willing participate to join in the effort. Many resources are readily available to help coordinate and equip those who are interested in participating. 

Click here to send an email request to RSVP or to talk to someone from the Go Love Indy team for more information.